What Is The Value Of Comments On Youtube? Find The Truth

With 2.5 billion or more monthly active users and over 2.7 billion monthly active viewers, you can’t deny that YouTube is popular. In 2023, it’s been called the second most popular social media platform. 

As such, people are all looking to find how to make themselves trending on it. A lot of people wonder if comments on their videos are as important as likes or subscriber counts. 

Many people ask, “What is the value of comments on YouTube?” And for good reasons. 

We are writing this article to answer just that. We will cover its value and how you can get more comments. We will also answer whether you should buy comments for your video and, if so, how.

What Is The Value Of Comments On Youtube?

To answer “What is the value of comments on YouTube?” we need to figure out how big of a deal it is. Comments on YouTube used to be a big deal, but not as much now. Before, more comments meant a better video. 

But people figured out how to cheat the system, so YouTube changed things.

Now, comments don’t decide a video’s success. They still help, but it’s not about how many comments you get. It’s more about having a nice community where people talk.

It’s good to ask viewers to comment, but not just for numbers. The real value comes from what people say. Comments let viewers share their thoughts directly with you. Knowing what viewers like or don’t like helps make better videos.

So, while comments aren’t the only thing that matters, they’re still important for connecting with your audience and improving your content. It’s like having a conversation with your viewers.

How To Get More Comments On Your YouTube Videos?

The value of comments on YouTube isn’t as high as before. But it would help if you still learned to get more of them. Here are some tips on getting more comments on your YouTube videos:

Ask Questions:

Encourage interaction by asking questions that invite viewers to share their thoughts. For example, if you’re showcasing a new product, ask them about their preferences or experiences with similar items. People love expressing their opinions, and questions spark engagement.

Respond to Comments:

Show your audience you value their input by responding to comments. Acknowledge their thoughts, answer questions, and create a sense of community. This makes viewers feel heard and appreciated, encouraging them to comment more.

Create Contests or Challenges:

Spice things up by introducing contests or challenges related to your content. Whether it’s a creative challenge or a simple competition, invite viewers to participate and share their results in the comments. This adds an element of fun and motivates people to engage.

Call-to-Action (CTA):

Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly request. Use a call-to-action (CTA) to ask viewers to comment. It can be as straightforward as saying, “I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below,” or asking a specific question about your video.

Encourage Stories:

Humans love storytelling. Encourage viewers to share their personal stories related to your content. Whether it’s a travel vlog, a cooking video, or a DIY project, asking for personal experiences fosters a connection between you and your audience.

Highlight Viewer Comments:

Showcase interesting or funny comments from previous videos in your new content. This recognizes your active viewers and encourages others to join the conversation, hoping to be featured in the next video. It’s a simple way to build a sense of community.

Be Authentic:

Share your genuine thoughts and experiences. Authenticity is magnetic. When viewers see you being real and open, it builds trust. They feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere in the comments section.

Should You Buy Comments For Your YouTube Videos? How?

The value of comments on YouTube isn’t as big as before. But people still value it, so some look to buy them. 

Buying comments for YouTube videos is not recommended. Authentic engagement is vital for building a genuine and loyal audience.

Purchasing comments may temporarily boost, but real connections matter more in the long run. Genuine interactions foster a community around your content. Focusing on creating quality content that naturally attracts meaningful engagement is better.

But if you need to buy them, then you should buy from the right source. Here is how to buy YouTube comments from SMMSun, the cheapest YouTube SMM panel service:

  1. Visit SMMSun: Go to their website, smmsun.com, to explore their services.
  2. Choose Package: Select a suitable comment package. Be cautious and choose wisely.
  3. Enter Video Details: Provide your YouTube video link and necessary information.
  4. Make Payment: Complete the payment process using their secure methods.
  5. Wait for Delivery: After payment, wait for the comments to be delivered. Delivery times may vary.


Since the value of comments on YouTube isn’t as high as before, it has some. Therefore, you should be looking to make your comments section more engaging. The more your videos ask the right questions, the more active they will be.

Sometimes, you might need to buy some YouTube comments, but do so using the best and cheapest SMM panel available.


How do comments impact a video’s ranking on YouTube?

YouTube’s algorithm considers active discussions in the comments section a positive signal, potentially boosting a video’s ranking.

Can negative comments be turned into an opportunity for growth?

Yes, addressing negative comments gracefully and turning them into constructive conversations can showcase a creator’s resilience and commitment to improvement.

What role do comments play in establishing social proof?

Positive comments act as social proof, signaling to new viewers that the content is worth their time and building trust and credibility.

How can creators encourage audience participation in the comments section?

Creators can stimulate audience participation by asking questions, running polls, or creating contests to foster a sense of interactivity.

What is the significance of comment quality over quantity?

Meaningful conversations and thoughtful interactions in the comments contribute more to a channel’s success than a high comment count.


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