10 Expert Tips for Protecting Your Perth Garden From Pest

For those homeowners in Perth you should be inspecting your gardens for pest infestation. Your garden might be a common gateway for all kindes of pests to come into your home. Professional pest control services is a great call if you are looking to handle this issue but you can do something about it yourself as well. 

In this article we will be looking at 10 expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests. These are tips taken directly from professionals who have years of experience in the area of pest control. So trust in the process and tips we are about to share with you. 

Tip #1: Regular Inspection

Once the pest control experts are done with their task it’s up to you to ensure their solution is doing its thing. You need to regularly go around your garden and check if there are any new pests and nests. Because of how important it is this tip is at the top of our expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests list.

Some signs you should be looking for are chewed leaves, holes in foliage, or the pests themselves. The more vigilant you are the longer your garden will be free of those pests you fear. Also the quicker you catch them the smaller the issue you have to clean up will be. 

Tip #2: Work With Clean Tools

It might not seem like it, but dirty tools do attract pests, especially the smaller ones like cockroaches and ants. Therefore a quick and simple solution to halt their coming would be to clean up the tools after each use. Dirty tools can also cause infections in your plants. This is another reason why cleaning your tools after use is important.

The cleaning method doesn’t have to be complicated or use anything that has to be found. All you need to do is wipe the tools with a rag and then use alcohol-based hand spray to disinfect them. Most gardens have a ton of rags lying around and hand sprays are cheap and easy to find at the store.

Tip #3: Use a Mulch

Apply mulch to create a thin barrier on the surface of plants. There are many organic mulch you can choose from at the gardening stores. These barriers will make it harder for pests to enter and make nests in your plants. They also help conserve water so you won’t have to water them too often. 

You will also prevent soil-borne fungal spores from getting to your plants while you water them if you use mulch. Just remember to use plant-based mulch and use the ones best for our plants since there are many kinds available.

Tip #4: Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a bad thing not just for plants but also for pest control. Aside from robbing your soil of specific nutrients, planting the same thing in one spot will make it easier for certain pests to infest your garden.

Also, if you keep planting the same thing every year, you might have to deal with the same kind of pests every year. So rotate what you plant every year to ensure the same pests don’t bother you year after year. 

Tip #5: Water Plants Carefully

Proper watering is a vital issue that every gardener needs to be careful about. Water control is one of the best expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests. Overwater won’t kill your plants; it will also help mold and mildew growth, and that’s bad. Determine how little water you can give your plants without creating a damp, cool condition in the garden. This won’t be easy if you have a lot of variety in your garden. Consult with professionals to figure out if you face issues.

Tip #6: Remove Plants Past Their Prime

Certain plants pass their prime after a short while. You should remove them to keep pests away from your garden. If these plants are left for too long they will decay and decay attracts pests. Certain pests find decay plant material very delicious while other pests use it for nesting. Rather than just throwing the leftovers you can use them for composting.

Tip #7: Grow Pest Repellent Plants

Grow Pest Repellant Plants

Certain plants are naturally pest repelling so planting them around your garden is a great pest control method. For example, planting marigolds alongside vegetables can deter aphids and other pests.

Aside from that you can also grow plants that are naturally resistant to pests. Certain varieties have been bred to repel or kill pests so plant them around your garden. You won’t have to rely on chemical pesticides too much if you do these two things. 

Find out which are the most common pests in Perth or Australia to better protect your home and garden. 

Tip #8: Pruning and Weeding

A clean and tidy garden is a hard spot for pests to infest because there isn’t anything for them to eat or use for nest building. This is one of the expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests, even though it’s a basic thing to do. 

So while you inspect your plants, also clean it to make it a challenge for pests. You don’t have to do too much just prune dead or damaged leaves, remove weeds, etc. The cleaner your garden looks the safer you will be from pests and plant killers. 

Tip #9: Let in Air and Sunlight

Along with tons of sunlight plants also need good airflow for growth. The better the air flow in your garden the easier it will be for plants to grow strong and beautiful. Contrarily if your garden is too packed then pests and mildew will have a blast infesting and growing. 

A densely packed garden will help pests to hide and grow. It will also allow for humidity to build up, speeding up mildew and mold growth.

Tip #10: Organic Pest Control

Above all other expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests the best one is to use organic pest control methods. Organic pesticide is your best friend when it comes to keeping those pesky pests away from your plants and flowers. Still only use them in moderation because even the organic stuff can harm plants when overused.

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The 10 expert tips for protecting your Perth garden from pests that we shared are to help you control pests. They might not help to remove the ones already there but they will help you stop new ones from showing up.

Use any or all of them to ensure your garden becomes a small piece of paradise in the Perth landscape. If the condition of your garden is severe contact Loins Pest and Weed Control for immediate pest inspection and treatment.


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