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As of January 2023, Bangladesh had 66.94 million internet users. So, you should understand just how popular social media is to the people of Bangladesh. Businesses also know this, which is why they strongly implement social media marketing. SMM works quite differently from other digital marketing methods and for the best success, you need to choose the right platforms.

However, not every social media platform works well for every business or industry; therefore, you must figure out which one you should work on. Businesses have many choices available to them, from Facebook to X/Twitter. We will help you with choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business. We will discuss your best platforms and how to choose one for yourself.

Trending Social Media Platforms of 2024

As we said before, businesses now have a range of options available regarding choosing the best social media platforms. We will be now looking at the best options available in 2024.



Bangladesh, at the moment, has 50 million active social media users, which goes up yearly. Facebook is very popular for advertising and marketing in Bangladesh. There are about 45 million active Facebook users, which is 90% of all internet users in the country.

These numbers show how useful Facebook can be for advertising. It’s an important platform for small businesses and startups. You can create a Facebook Business Page to connect with customers and share information about your business, products, services, and events.



Instagram is a quite popular social media platform in Bangladesh. It’s considered luxurious and can help businesses engage with high-quality customers and get good leads.

With over 800 million users each month, Instagram provides another way for brands to connect with customers. Many people have found success in making direct transactions on the platform.

Bangladesh has around 4.5 million active Instagram users, which keeps growing. Instagram ads are becoming more effective in reaching Bangladeshi audiences. People in Bangladesh trust Instagram more than other platforms lately. If this trend continues, Instagram could become the top platform soon.



YouTube is a widely used platform that keeps growing. It regularly adds new features to help its users. Recently, it updated its Studio Editor, which is great for video content creators. Additionally, YouTube Shorts are gaining popularity these days.

Now, let’s look at some numbers. YouTube has over 35 million users in Bangladesh, and YouTube ads reach 65.6% of internet users in the country. Globally, it attracts about 1.7 billion new users every month. It’s the second-largest platform for advertising after Facebook in Bangladesh.



According to Statcounter, from January 2023 to 2024, Twitter had 0.59% of social media users in Bangladesh. In early 2023, Bangladesh had around 1.05 million Twitter users. Twitter is great for businesses that need to share quick updates and connect with customers. Use hashtags wisely, join trending topics, and be active to reach a wide range of users.



TikTok is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It has a big user base and lets people and businesses make their videos go viral, which is a big deal in social media. Global digital marketers say TikTok is important for marketing.

Even though TikTok isn’t very popular in Bangladesh yet, it’s gaining traction globally. It’s a new platform, starting just five years ago. Still, its recent growth has caught the attention of many digital marketers.

These social media platforms are a big part of Bangladesh’s digital marketing strategies now and in the coming years. Digital marketers should pay close attention to this trend.

Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

We will now go over the steps to choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business.

Target Audience Analysis

Learning about your target audience is crucial for choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business. Start by considering your ideal customers’ age, gender, interests, and online behavior. Consider where they spend most of their time online and what kind of content they engage with. This will help you choose a platform that aligns with your audience’s preferences and habits.

Research Popular Social Media Platforms in Bangladesh

Next, research the popular social media platforms in Bangladesh. Some of the most commonly used platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Look into each platform’s user demographics, engagement levels, and features. This will give you insight into choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business. The insights will also tell you which platform will most likely reach your target audience effectively.

Features and Capabilities of Each Platform

Each social media platform gives different features and capabilities that can impact your marketing strategy. For example, Facebook is known for its extensive advertising options and targeting tools. At the same time, Instagram is focused on visual content and storytelling. LinkedIn is more business-oriented and ideal for B2B marketing. At the same time, Twitter is great for real-time updates and engaging with trending topics. Consider each platform’s unique strengths and how they align with your business goals.

Cost and Budget Considerations

Cost and budget considerations are also important factors when choosing a social media platform. Some platforms offer free organic reach, while others require investment in paid advertising to reach a wider audience. Evaluate your budget and determine how much you will spend on social media marketing. Think about the cost-effectiveness of different platforms and how they fit into your final marketing strategy.

Content Type and Format

Different social media platforms support various types of content, including text, images, videos, and live streams. Consider the type of content that best matches your target audience. Then, start choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business that matches it. For example, platforms like Instagram or YouTube may be more suitable if your business relies heavily on visual content.

Analytics and Insights

Lastly, consider the analytics and insights provided by each social media platform. Analytics tools let you track the performance of your posts, measure engagement metrics, and gain insights into your audience’s behavior. Choose a platform that offers robust analytics features to help you optimize your social media strategy and reach your marketing objectives.

Once you have chosen one you can implement various strategies and SMM panel services to boost your Bangladeshi business.


Any business choosing the best social media platform for your Bangladeshi business will find many options. Several good options are available for businesses, but knowing which one to go for isn’t easy.

Once you know about each of the top choices available, you can narrow down your choices. In some cases, only one will be your best choice, and in other cases, multiple. If you are having a hard time, then follow our guide on choosing the best social media platform for your business.

Start by analyzing your target audience. Figure out where they hang out. Check out these platforms and find out what they have to offer. Make estimates on what marketing on these platforms will cost you. Use this information to choose.


How do I determine my target audience on social media?

To find your target audience on social media, start by considering who would be interested in your products or services. Consider factors like age, gender, interests, and online behavior. You can also look at your existing customers and followers to get insights into who engages with your content the most.

Which social media platform is best for B2B marketing in Bangladesh?

LinkedIn is often said to be Bangladesh’s best social media platform for B2B marketing. It’s a professional networking site that lets you connect with other businesses, showcase your expertise, and generate leads.

How can I measure the ROI of my social media campaigns?

You can measure your social media campaign’s ROI (return on investment) by following key metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, sales conversions, and engagement rates. Use analytics tools given by social media platforms or third-party software to monitor and analyze your campaign performance.

Is it better to focus on organic reach or paid advertising on social media?

Both organic reach (reaching people without paid promotion) and paid advertising have their benefits. Organic reach helps build a loyal following and can be cost-effective, but it may take time to see results. Paid advertising can reach a larger audience quickly and allows for precise targeting, but it requires a budget. It’s often a good idea to combine both for the best results.

How often should I post on social media to maintain engagement?

The frequency of your social media posts depends on the platform. It also depends on your audience’s preferences. Generally, it’s recommended to post consistently but not excessively. Aim for a few times a week on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and more frequently on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Experiment with different posting schedules to see what works best for your audience.


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