Preventing a Windshield Crack from Spreading: Expert Tips

The windshield is one of the key areas on a car prone to most damage. These glasses provide a lot of service other than making your car look cool. They also withstand much damage over time, leading them to crack. Preventing a windshield crack from spreading is very important because the windshield will break if it spreads too much. 

Our expert tips from years of experience will help you prevent these cracks from spreading too much and getting more use out of your windshield. We will cover the most common types of cracks you might see and how to use tools to prevent the spread.

Understanding Windshield Cracks: A Complete Guide

Windshield cracks can be unsettling, but understanding their types and causes can help you approach repair or replacement with confidence. Here’s a comprehensive guide to windshield cracks, their origins, and what to do about them:

Types of Windshield Cracks


  • Appearance: Simple linear cracks of varying lengths and directions.
  • Causes: Diverse, including impacts, stress, and even manufacturing defects.
  • Risks: Can grow over time if left untreated, potentially compromising visibility and structural integrity.

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Bullseye Crack

  • Appearance: Circular break with a central point of impact, resembling a bullseye.
  • Causes: Direct hit, often from a rock or other projectile.
  • Risks: Can quickly spread outward from the central point, requiring prompt repair.

Star Break

Star Break
  • Appearance: Radiating lines from a central point, resembling a star.
  • Causes: Sharp impact, such as a stone hitting the windshield.
  • Risks: Can have multiple legs extending from the center, potentially impacting visibility and weakening the windshield.

Other Types

  • Edge Cracks: Starting from the windshield edges due to pressure or temperature changes.
  • Stress Cracks: Irregular cracks caused by internal stresses within the glass, often from extreme temperature fluctuations.

The Importance of Immediate Action

Time is of the essence when dealing with windshield cracks. Ignoring them can lead to further damage, compromising the windshield’s structural integrity. Immediate action is essential to prevent the crack from spreading and avoid more extensive repairs. Let’s find out the signs that will indicate when you need to replace your windshield and when to repair it.

Assessing the Crack

Not all cracks are equal. The size and type of crack determine the appropriate prevention method. Before taking any action, assess the crack to understand its severity. This initial step guides the rest of the prevention process.

Materials Needed for Prevention

Gathering the right tools is crucial for effective prevention. A windshield repair kit, clear nail polish, and super glue are among the materials that can be useful for DIY solutions.

Improved Expert Tips for Windshield Cracks

1. Windshield Repair Kit (DIY Repair for Minor Cracks):

  • Highlight benefits: Emphasize cost-effectiveness, convenience, and preventing crack spread.
  • Specificity: Recommend specific types of kits based on crack size and type.
  • Safety first: Advise caution and follow instructions carefully.

2. Clear Nail Polish (Temporary Solution):

  • Clarity: Focus on its temporary nature and limited effectiveness.
  • Application: Provide specific instructions on applying the nail polish thinly.
  • Alternatives: Suggest consulting professionals for long-term solutions.

3. Super Glue (Quick Temporary Fix):

  • Limited effectiveness: Clearly state it’s a temporary measure, not a permanent fix.
  • Application warning: Emphasize the importance of using the right type of glue and applying it carefully.
  • Professional repair: Encourage seeking professional repair for long-term safety and visibility.

4. Extreme Temperature Control:

  • Go beyond parking: Mention avoiding sudden temperature changes like washing a hot car with cold water.
  • Visual aids: Consider adding images of temperature extremes to illustrate the point.
  • Seasonal advice: Offer specific tips for summer and winter based on your region.

5. Shade Parking (Prevent Expansion):

Shade Parking
  • Creative solutions: Suggest using car covers or shades if shade parking isn’t readily available.
  • Benefits beyond crack prevention: Mention the benefits of shade for your car’s interior and paintwork.
  • Visuals: Include an image of a car parked in the shade to reinforce the message.

6. Gentle Driving Practices (Minimize Stress):

  • Specific examples: Provide concrete examples of driving habits to avoid, like potholes and speed bumps.
  • Benefits beyond crack prevention: Highlight the positive impact of smooth driving on fuel efficiency and tire wear.
  • Visuals: Consider adding an image of a car driving smoothly on a road.

7. Professional Inspection (Know When to Seek Help):

  • Crack size and location: Specify the cracks requiring professional assessment.
  • Safety concerns: Emphasize the importance of timely repair for driver safety and visibility.
  • Free inspections: Mention that some repair shops offer free inspections to determine the best course of action.

8. Insurance Coverage (Check Your Policy):

  • Contact your insurer: Encourage readers to check their policy coverage for windshield damage proactively.
  • Replacement vs. repair: Explain the difference in coverage for repairs and replacements.
  • Documentation: Advice on keeping repair receipts and documentation for insurance claims.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider using numbered or bullet-point lists for improved readability.
  • Add a call to action at the end, encouraging readers to take preventive measures or seek professional help.

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Common Misconceptions About Windshield Cracks

Dispelling myths is crucial for understanding proper prevention methods. Separating fact from fiction ensures you make informed decisions about your windshield’s care. Here are some common misconceptions

Small Cracks Don’t Need Immediate Attention

Some drivers believe small cracks or chips can be ignored since they don’t affect visibility much. However, even minor damage can compromise the windshield’s structural integrity, and it may worsen over time.

Cracks Can Be Repaired Perfectly

While repairs can be effective in many cases, they are not always perfect. The goal is to restore the structural integrity and prevent the crack from spreading, but the repair may still be visible.

Insurance Always Covers Windshield Repairs

While many insurance policies cover windshield repairs, coverage may vary. Some policies may require a deductible, and coverage may depend on the circumstances surrounding the damage.

All Cracks Spread at the Same Rate

The rate at which a crack spreads can vary based on several factors, including the type of crack, its location, and driving conditions. Some cracks may remain stable for a long time, while others may spread rapidly.

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Preventing a windshield crack from spreading is not just about maintaining the appearance of your vehicle; it’s about ensuring your safety on the road. By following these expert tips, you can promptly address cracks and keep your windshield in optimal condition. But remember, if the damage is too much or the crack spreads too far, you will need to take your car to replace the windshield with professional help.


How long does it take for a windshield crack to spread?

Windshield cracks can spread rapidly, especially with temperature changes. Immediate action is recommended to prevent further damage.

Can I use DIY methods for all types of cracks?

DIY methods are effective for minor cracks. However, professional inspection is advised for more severe damage.

Is insurance coverage necessary for windshield repairs?

Some insurance policies cover windshield repairs. Check your policy to understand the extent of coverage.

Can I drive with a cracked windshield?

While small cracks may seem harmless, driving with them can compromise safety. It’s advisable to repair them promptly.

Are windshield repairs costly?

The cost of repairs varies. DIY solutions are cost-effective, but extensive damage may require professional repairs.

How often should I inspect my windshield for cracks?

Regularly inspect your windshield for any signs of damage, especially after extreme weather conditions.


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