The Top 10 Leggings for Cold Weather in 2024

As these winter days continue, you must ask which winter clothes you should wear or get. For example, women, in particular, ask which leggings are best for winter. To help them out, we have found ten that are the best.
These leggings were either recommended to us or we researched and tested them ourselves. Each of them has a feature or design that makes them the best in the market in 2024.
So, let’s review the top 10 leggings for cold weather in 2024 and find one that keeps you warm and toasty.

Alo Airbrush Winter Warm High-waist Nocturne Legging

Alo Airbrush Winter Warm High-waist Nocturne Legging

After hearing someone gush about them, I had to try these cold-weather running tights as the ultimate running leggings she owns. She’s an expert in chilly conditions and doesn’t let freezing temperatures stop her training.
These Alo leggings have a super flattering high waist, a “booty-boosting” design, and a soft brushed interior. Perfect for going from yoga to trails or roads, they’re seamless and built to last.
If you are wondering which leggings are best for winter, then I recommend checking these out.

Athleta Altitude Tight in Polartec Power Stretch

The Athleta Altitude Tight in Polartec has earned its spot as a winter running favorite, standing out for its popularity among runners from Upstate New York to Alaska. Not only has it become a personal favorite for many, including myself and my daughter, but it also boasts a cozy feel akin to fuzzy socks for your legs – all without any sagging in the crotch.
What makes these tights even more impressive is their widespread appeal, with mother runners across different states expressing how they practically live in them during cold days. The socks strike a perfect balance, providing warmth and breathability, and their durability is showcased by one dedicated runner who proudly owns six pairs.
Athleta’s Altitude Tights are not just a seasonal choice; they endure the active lifestyles of mother runners, making them a reliable and enduring companion for winter runs.

Janji Groundwork Flyby Tight

Janji Groundwork Flyby Tight

Janji truly understands runners. They create top-notch, durable designs for those who love to stay active. After chatting with several runners, it’s clear that these winter leggings from Janji are their preferred choice, whether it’s freezing outside or just a mild 50 degrees.
The leggings come with plenty of pockets, making them practical for running and comfy for lounging at home. The material is thick enough for warmth but not overly so, making it ideal for road and trail running.
Plus, the adjustable waistband ensures they stay in place during your run. At the same time, some users mentioned a slightly loose crotch, a minor consideration in the ongoing quest for the perfect leggings.
So, if you’re pondering which leggings are best for winter, I recommend giving these a look.

Saucony Runshield Tights

The Saucony Sunshield Tights top the charts as the ultimate waterproof leggings, providing excellent weather protection. Ideal for chilly rain or snow, these tights keep you dry, lock in warmth, and whisk away moisture.
The comfy brushed lining keeps your muscles warm and ready for action. With two spacious thigh pockets on each leg for extra storage, these tights sport a snug high waist design and a handy infinity drawstring for a perfect fit.
For those questioning which leggings are best for winter, I recommend looking into these. Stay dry, warm, and stylish in these top-notch waterproof leggings!

Lululemon Base Pace Fleece Tights

Lululemon Base Pace Fleece Tights

Lululemon is always on my list for fellow mother runners, and the Lululemon Base Pace Fleece Tights stand out. Made with Lulu’s Nulux™ fabric, they’re smooth, lightweight, and feel like a second skin.
These seamless, lightly compressive tights are breathable, keeping you comfortable during your runs. The thin fabric might tear easily, so they’re not ideal for trail running or if you’re prone to falls. Despite that, they’re a fantastic choice for a comfortable and breezy run.

Craft ADV Essence Wind Tights

Craft Subzero Wind tights are super warm and have a cozy brushed inside for extra comfort. The elastic fit moves smoothly with your body. They’re made of recycled polyester, ensuring excellent moisture transport and ventilation, keeping you feeling fresh. Most users adore these simple yet effective tights, especially for windy, snowy runs. However, a few reviews mentioned that the latest models might not be as warm as the earlier ones.
So, I would like to know which leggings are best for winter. I recommend taking a look at these.

Athleta Rainier Tight

Athleta Rainier Tight leggings for cold weather

The Athleta Rainier Tight is popular for those who enjoy the Athleta Altitude tights but need something for milder temperatures. These stylish tights feature soft Plush SuperSonic material, zip pockets for essentials, and reflective details for visibility during workouts.
However, some drawbacks include potential tearing, a tight fit for some, and smaller pockets for larger smartphones. Despite these concerns, the Athleta Rainier Tights offer a stylish and functional option for moderate temperatures.

Tracksmith NDO Tights

Wondering which leggings are best for winter? These are the ones I suggest checking out. Tracksmith’s NDO Tights, renowned for their exceptional warmth even in 0-degree weather, live up to the No Days Off mantra.
Despite the higher cost, these tights are a worthwhile investment, as wearers, including myself, attest to their effectiveness in keeping legs warm. With water-repelling capabilities, a double-layered fabric for warmth, and a wind-blocking overlay, these tights offer reliable protection.
The back envelope pockets allow convenient storage without removing mittens, and the 360 reflectivity enhances visibility in low light. Compared to the Tracksmith Turnover Tights, once a winter run favorite, the NDO Tights provide a notable upgrade in warmth and functionality.

Under Armor Authentic ColdGear Compression Leggings

Under Armor Authentic ColdGear Compression Leggings for cold weather

My initial go-to for warmth was the Under Armour Authentic ColdGear Compression Leggings, and I was pleasantly surprised. I added these to my list when considering which leggings are best for winter.
The ColdGear technology from UA is impressively thin yet incredibly warm. These compression tights stay put without sliding down. Although UA labels them as a base-layer, they kept my body warm in 20-degree weather.
If it gets colder, just layer over them. The stretchy material traps heat and wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and warm without feeling bulky.
While these leggings are straightforward with no extra frills, like pockets or fancy features, they deliver reliable comfort and warmth.

32 Degrees Women’s Base Layer Leggings

In my gear lists, I aim for budget-friendly options, especially after the shock of Tracksmith prices. Recommended by some Instagram followers, the 32 Degree Tights are hailed as the best affordable winter running choice with an unbeatable price. Available at Costco or Amazon, they offer easy returns. These basic leggings are super stretchy, feature a cozy brushed interior, and are perfect for running or pairing with a sweater dress, even if they lack pockets or special features.

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Having read our top 10 leggings for cold winter 2024, what are your thoughts? Did you find the answer to which leggings are best for winter? I hope my review has helped you find the best leggings for winter.
 you can visit Posh Garments, which one is contributing to the advancement of these important fashion movements. Our list didn’t just include the leggings we chose; instead, you got help from people we know we can trust. These leggings come with unique features and designs that ensure you are warm and cozy.
So wear any of these ten leggings and enjoy the sights and feels of the winter season. 


How do I choose the right size for cold-weather leggings?

Finding the perfect fit is crucial. Go over the sizing chart provided by the brand and consider customer reviews for insights.

Can I wear these leggings for intense outdoor activities?

Absolutely! Many featured leggings are designed for outdoor adventures, providing warmth and flexibility.

What makes cold-weather leggings different from regular leggings?

Cold-weather leggings often incorporate advanced insulation and moisture-wicking technologies to keep you warm and dry in chilly conditions.

Are sustainable leggings less effective in cold weather?

Not at all. Several eco-friendly brands prioritize warmth and sustainability, offering leggings that excel in cold weather.

Do these leggings require special care to maintain their quality?

While not overly demanding, proper care, as outlined in the article, ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your cold-weather leggings.


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