A Deep Dive into How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

Regarding users working to optimize their professional network, LinkedIn is the only platform we can and should be talking about. As of June 2023, LinkedIn reports that they have close to 1 billion users worldwide.
To put into perspective, that number represents 16.4% of the world’s population aged 18 and older.
If even a fraction of the total number of users are posting on LinkedIn, then can you imagine how hard it would be to rank your post? Of course, you do, which is why you are here.
The LinkedIn algorithm is a piece of code that actively analyzes every single post on its platform and ranks it based on a set of instructions. To make your posts more public to your target audience, you need to learn how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to game it.
In our article, we will be diving deep into how the platform’s algorithm works and what you can do to beat it every time.

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works?

Linkedin-How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

The LinkedIn algorithm uses a ranking system that determines which of your posts is more visible. The system has three main parts:

  • Personal Connections
  • Relevance of Interest
  • Probability of Engagement
    You must understand these three ranking factors to understand fully how the LinkedIn Algorithm works.

Personal Connections

The algorithm takes note of your connections and gives preference to their content. The more meaningful your connections, the more tailored and relevant your feed becomes.
Building a network isn’t just about numbers; it’s about forging genuine connections. Engage with your connections through liking, commenting, and sharing their content. The algorithm interprets this as a sign of a strong professional bond, influencing what appears in your feed.

Relevance of Interest

LinkedIn is all about relevance. The algorithm is finely tuned to understand your interests and tailors your feed accordingly. It’s like having a personalized news channel that delivers content specifically curated for you.
To enhance the relevance of your feed, interact with content that matches your professional interests. Like posts, comment thoughtfully, and share content that resonates with you. This not only refines your feed but also boosts the visibility of your own posts.

Probability of Engagement

The algorithm is all about predicting the future – well, sort of. It assesses the Probability of Engagement, trying to foresee which posts will captivate your interest. The more likely you are to engage with a post, the higher its chances of appearing in your feed.
Engagement comes in many forms – likes, comments, shares, and even time spent on a post. The algorithm evaluates these interactions to understand your preferences. So, the next time you see a post that sparks your interest, don’t hesitate to show it some love.

The LinkedIn algorithm is a dynamic and evolving system that thrives on your connections, interests, and engagement. By understanding these elements and actively participating in the LinkedIn community, you can make the algorithm work in your favor, ensuring a more personalized and enriching experience on the platform.

Tips on “Gaming” the LinkedIn Algorithm

gaming the LinkedIn Algorithm

Now that we are done with the LinkedIn algorithm explanation, we need to cover how you can “game” the algorithm. You won’t need to do anything illegal or unethical, so don’t worry.
When we talk about “gaming” the algorithm, we mostly talk about how to use it to your advantage by showing it what it likes. How do WE do it? Let us show you.
Check out the nine tips we have written and use them to help make your posts show up in more feeds.

Staying Relevant

The algorithm loves relevance, and so should you. Keep your content aligned with your professional interests. If you are looking to increase views on LinkedIn posts then staying relevant is a must.
Share updates about industry trends, participate in discussions and showcase your expertise. The more relevant your content, the more likely it is to catch the algorithm’s eye.

Do Post Promotion

Don’t shy away from promoting your own posts. There are many simple ways to promote your posts through your network. For example:

  • Tag relevant companies or your employees
  • Add five to eight hashtags to your posts
  • Include a Call to Action if applicable
    and more

Schedule Your Posts

Consistency is key, and scheduling your posts ensures a steady flow of content. The algorithm appreciates regular activity.
Use scheduling tools to plan your posts strategically, maintaining a consistent presence on your followers’ feeds.

Increase Your Engagement

The more you give, the more you receive. It’s that simple! Engage with others’ content by liking, commenting, and sharing.
This not only strengthens your professional network but also signals to the algorithm that you’re an active and valued member of the LinkedIn community.

Build Your Network

Building your network on LinkedIn is like planting seeds for professional growth. It’s not just about quantity; quality matters, too.
Connect with people in your industry, colleagues, and those genuinely interested in your field.

Implement New Strategies

Experiment and implement new strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Just because your old strategies work doesn’t mean you should get complacent.
Whether trying different post formats, using trending hashtags, or incorporating multimedia elements, keeping your approach fresh can boost your visibility on the platform.

Use LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn provides valuable analytics to track the performance of your posts. Make use of these tools to understand what works and what doesn’t.
Taking a closer look at the data from your posts is like fine-tuning your strategy. It helps you create content that clicks with your audience.

Add Personal Touch

Behind every profile is a real person. Injecting a touch of personality into your posts makes you more relatable.
Share anecdotes, experiences, and even a bit of humor. This will make your profile feel more human, making it more appealing to the LinkedIn algorithm and your network.

Use LinkedIn Ads

Staying organic with your posts is a great strategy, but there is nothing to do with utilizing LinkedIn Ads. All it will do is give your posts an extra bit of oomph.
Consider investing in targeted ads to reach specific audiences. This can be especially effective when promoting events, job postings, or important announcements.


At this point, you should strongly understand our LinkedIn algorithm explanation and how you can “game” it. Make full use of both these topics on your journey to make your LinkedIn profile and network stronger and more relevant.
LinkedIn should be your number one priority if you are truly passionate about growing your online professional presence. The better you make yourself more professional online through LinkedIn, the better your career will be.

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Does the LinkedIn algorithm favor certain types of content?

The algorithm prioritizes high-quality, relevant content, regardless of format. Multimedia content often performs well.

Can I beat the LinkedIn algorithm to increase visibility?

Ethical strategies such as genuine engagement and content quality are more effective than attempting to manipulate the algorithm.

How often does the LinkedIn algorithm change?

LinkedIn regularly updates its algorithm to stay in sync with evolving digital trends. Keeping abreast of official announcements is key.

Is the number of connections more important than their quality?

Quality of connections matters. Building meaningful professional relationships is more impactful than amassing many connections.

What role does the algorithm play in job recommendations?

The algorithm considers profile completeness and industry relevance factors to recommend suitable job opportunities.


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