Top 10 Home Improvement Contractors in Brooklyn

Are you looking for a home improvement contractors in Brooklyn? Do you want the best and nothing else?
Then you have come to the right place. Today, we will look at the best contractors near Brooklyn that can transform your home. Each of our choices is hand-picked after careful consideration and research.
So, let’s not waste any more time and help you pick the best home improvement contractor around Brooklyn.


Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, AKRoofing3D, a licensed home improvement contractor, goes beyond roofing services to address various aspects of a home’s exterior. They take pride in their commitment to excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction, evident in each project they undertake.
Boasting over a decade of industry expertise, AKRoofing3D’s rich experience speaks for itself. From roofing to masonry, they offer a diverse range of comprehensive solutions to all home improvement needs. Their team comprises certified and seasoned experts, guaranteeing top-notch workmanship. AKRoofing3D places a premium on customer satisfaction, committing to understanding and meeting individual needs.
Quality assurance is a core value for AKRoofing3D, reflected in their use of the finest materials and techniques. This commitment ensures not only visually appealing projects but also durability and excellence. These are just a few things that make them the top home improvement contractor in Brooklyn.

Home Improvement Contractor in Brooklyn

P Bright Construction

P Bright Construction Corp stands out as a top home improvement contractor in Brooklyn, embodying excellence with a commitment to integrity, fairness, and personal responsibility. With seven years of trusted experience, they bring true professionalism to their trade, ensuring accurate knowledge and skill in every project.
Prioritizing customer concerns as the foundation of their business, they offer free estimates, making project planning accessible. Their bilingual services in English and Spanish cater to a diverse clientele, solidifying P Bright Construction Corp as a reliable and professional choice for top-notch home improvement services.

Glitz Construction, Corp.

Glitz Construction, Corp. is renowned for its commitment to reliability, excellent communication, integrity, and the delivery of high-quality work. With 14 years of trusted experience, the company boasts expertise in the construction trade, ensuring clients are well informed about their specific tasks or projects.
Potential customers can expect transparency and accessibility through free estimates. Glitz Construction, Corp. looks forward to earning new business and invites interested parties to call today to initiate their projects.

Gaudioso Contracting, Inc.

Gaudioso Contracting, Inc., your trusted Home Improvement Contractor in Brooklyn, specializes in interior construction and renovations, bringing over 20 years of expertise to the field. Recognized for consistently delivering exceptional work, the company stands by its quality craftsmanship with 24 years of trusted experience.
For those seeking specialized skills in building aspects, Gaudioso Contracting, Inc. invites you to contact them today for a free estimate and to turn your dream home into a reality.

KBR – Design & Build

KBR - Design & Build

KBR, a New York City-based company, brings an extensive background in interior design, building, and complete renovation projects, accumulating 38 years of trusted experience. Committed to delivering high-value services at competitive prices, KBR stands out as a licensed and fully insured construction and renovation company.
They take pride in offering premier remodeling services, ensuring customer excellence irrespective of project size, client preferences, or budget constraints. Emphasizing a customer-centric approach, KBR provides free estimates, making the initiation of the renovation process straightforward.

A&J General Construction Company

A&J General Construction Company emerges as the clear choice for all contracting needs. With a decade of trusted experience, the company is dedicated to delivering top-quality work and amazing customer service.
Recognized as a reliable option, A&J General Construction Company goes beyond standard services by offering emergency assistance and ensuring prompt attention to clients’ needs.
Their commitment to convenience is further emphasized through free estimates, solidifying A&J General Construction Company as the top choice for all construction requirements.

Chronos Contracting

Chronos Contracting is a top-tier home improvement contractor in Brooklyn, offering comprehensive services for homes and workplaces. With 24 years of trusted experience, this award-winning company excels in renovations, ensuring acute attention to detail and effective results. Their commitment to client communication is the foundation of their process, working closely with architects and designers to deliver the best possible outcomes.
Chronos Contracting is renowned for its honesty, reliability, and prompt service, covering everything from full-scale renovations to minor repairs with utmost care. Providing free estimates and warranties and boasting a reputation for quality craftsmanship, they are your go-to choice for seamless and trustworthy home improvements.

Prime Home Improvement

Prime Home Improvements, a seasoned home improvement contractor in Brooklyn with 47 years of experience, remains committed to family-owned values, delivering innovative solutions for energy-efficient and low-maintenance projects.
Recognized for quality and integrity, the company provides top-notch services, including emergency services, free estimates, and a 5% senior discount, ensuring accessibility and affordability.
Featured on the Anderson Cooper Show, Prime Home Improvements offers valuable insights to empower customers in navigating the home improvement landscape. With an unwavering commitment to complete satisfaction, they stand as one of the most trusted contractors in the industry.

JL Molding Design

Regarding home improvement contractors in Brooklyn, JL Molding Design stands out as a small yet devoted company. Their primary focus is on the design and installation of custom architectural molding to elevate the interior decor of your home.
The company offers personalized one-on-one design consultations, ensuring a collaborative process to transform your vision into reality. A hallmark of their commitment is attentive listening to your needs, guaranteeing the highest quality work with a precise and “clean” installation, all while ensuring on-time project completion.
What truly sets JL Molding Design apart is their dedication to detail – they go the extra mile, even vacuuming after completing their work, leaving your home pristine. At JL Molding Design, attention to these little things significantly contributes to delivering a superior customer experience.

I & U Construction Inc

I & U Construction Inc., a family-owned and operated business, specializes in construction, masonry, and home repair. Our commitment revolves around ensuring your satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of completing each job correctly before leaving.
We take pride in delivering quality work and exceptional customer service. In our dedication to accessibility, we offer free estimates and extend a 15% senior discount, highlighting our commitment to affordability for all our valued customers.

Home Improvement Contractor working

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Each of the top 10 home improvement contractors in Brooklyn contractors we looked at has tons of experience and provides all kinds of services. Each of our picks was made after we researched and interviewed them.
We ensured that our list had contractors who could handle any home improvement project you might have. While we trust our picks, we are incredibly sure of AKRoofing3D. They have decades of experience and strong positive reviews on various projects.


How do I find reliable home improvement contractors in Brooklyn?

Finding reliable contractors is easy; ask for recommendations, check online reviews, and visit local hardware stores or community boards for leads.

What factors should I consider when budgeting for a home improvement project?

Consider your finances, be realistic, get multiple quotes, factor in unexpected costs, and understand your financial limitations.

Is it essential for contractors to be licensed and insured?

Absolutely! Licensing ensures standards, and insurance protects you. It’s crucial for peace of mind and project success.

Can I DIY home improvement, or is it better to hire professionals?

It depends on the project’s complexity. DIY for simple tasks, but hire professionals for major renovations due to their expertise and tools.

What are some popular home improvement trends in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn follows sustainability, open concepts, smart home tech, and creative storage trends. Stay updated with local design shows and magazines.


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