Top 10 Ghost Mannequin Service Providers of 2024

When it comes to buying things online, one thing that will always be on your mind is, “Will this thing look good on me?” Online stores and businesses use the ghost mannequin service to ensure that it looks good on you. Why? Because this technique mimics the product being worn by a model or mannequin.

Now you can see and get a better feel of how the item, from clothing to shoes to jewelry, really looks on you. But you need to use the best ghost mannequin service provider for the best results because they have the expertise.

This can be really hard to ensure because there are too many ghost mannequin service providers. And it’s not always easy to figure out who is the best and who is the worst. But no worries.

We have gone over many ghost mannequin service providers and narrowed the list down for you. Check out our reviews of the top 10 ghost mannequin service providers in Bangladesh and the USA.

Top 10 Ghost Mannequin Service Providers

Clipping Path Finder

clipping path finder

Whether you need the best ghost mannequin service in the USA or Bangladesh, your top choice should be Clipping Path Finder. With close to two decades of providing top-of-the-line photo editing services, including ghost mannequin service, CPF has made its name well-known.

From the very beginning, CPF followed its mission of providing quality photo editing services to businesses and people while keeping it affordable. The reviews from over 300+ satisfied customers prove that they kept to their mission and vision.

Their expertise is the biggest reason they are among the top 10 ghost mannequin service providers. Due to having only the best photo editors with tons of experience, they are able to give amazing ghost mannequin service.

Suppose you are looking for quality ghost mannequin service providers who can tackle any project. In that case, CPF is who you should be looking at.


fix the photo

Since 2003, FixThePhoto has been editing images and videos worldwide, known for quality, creativity, and fair prices. Experts deliver stunning results exceeding expectations, serving photographers, eCommerce, real estate, and more. Regular bonuses and discounts are available. Expertise in modern editing techniques for product photos. Ready to help your online business thrive?

Orbit Graphics

orbit graphics

Orbit Graphics, based in the USA, has ten years of experience in photo editing. They offer top-quality services, including clipping paths, image masking, and more. They work with various clients like designers, photographers, and e-commerce sites. They provide free trials and work 24/7 at affordable prices. Their ghost effect creator can handle over 1000 images daily without compromising quality.

Expert Graphic International

expert graphic international

Expert Graphic International is renowned for its exceptional Ghost Mannequin Services, leveraging the power of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. Their commitment to quality and professionalism ensures flawless results in every project. Ghost mannequin service involves the removal of mannequins from product photos during post-production editing, creating a realistic effect as if a real person wears the clothing. This technique is widely utilized in fashion photography to showcase apparel seamlessly. The service is categorized based on the extent of mannequin removal required, ensuring fair pricing for clients based on their specific editing needs.

Graphics Experts LTD

graphic expert ltd

Graphics Experts LTD is a leading provider of image editing services, offering a wide range of solutions to meet diverse needs. From clipping path and image masking to manipulation and retouching, they have the expertise to handle any editing requirement. Their advanced technology is tailored to customize images according to client preferences without additional costs. Despite the complexity of the editing process, they ensure competitive pricing for their top-of-the-line services.

If terms like image editing and ghost mannequin confuse you, their knowledgeable team is ready to clarify and assist you in understanding your needs. Whether it’s for product promotion or personal projects, their specialized team can create visually stunning images to elevate your brand presence. Leveraging image editing for e-commerce purposes can significantly enhance your business portfolio and attract more customers. Graphics Experts LTD empowers you to transform your photos according to your vision, enabling you to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Hello Edits

hello edits

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Hello Edits has established itself as a reliable provider of Photo Editing services. Their expertise extends to Ghost Mannequin photography, a widely embraced e-commerce technique. This method lets customers visualize how clothing looks when worn, thereby enhancing their purchasing experience.

Hello Edits’ specialized Ghost Mannequin services cater specifically to clothing products, seamlessly removing mannequins from the fabric and seamlessly joining any missing portions. As a result, the apparel appears as if it’s being worn naturally, enhancing its appeal to potential customers. Since 2010, Hello Edits has been satisfying clients worldwide with their invisible ghost mannequin services, delivering impeccable results every time.

Path Edits

path edits

Path Edits was established with a clear mission: to empower individuals worldwide to pursue their passions and build successful businesses and communities. They firmly believe that outsourcing can bring about positive change, benefiting both their customers and the communities where their teams operate.

With a track record of serving over 40,000 customers, Path has enhanced a staggering 8 million images, demonstrating their commitment to quality and excellence. Unlike automated processes, Path manually Edits every ghost mannequin project, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

They recognize that your talent and creativity are best utilized in doing what you love rather than spending hours in Photoshop. By entrusting Path with your image editing needs, you can focus on your main strengths while they handle the intricacies of creating invisible mannequins.

Every clothing item and accessory is meticulously edited to ensure they look natural, with colors and textures precisely adjusted. Path is dedicated to delivering outstanding results, ensuring that your products look stunning and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India

For eCommerce businesses requiring ghost mannequin service, partnering with a reputable image editing provider is crucial. Having a skilled team that is conscious of deadlines and responsive to client feedback is essential. Security and confidentiality are paramount in file transfer. Clipping Path India stands out with 32 years of experience, offering a range of Photoshop-based services, including ghost mannequin services. They cater to eCommerce sites, photographers, and agencies worldwide.

Clipping Path Experts

clipping path experts

Ghost Mannequin service involves removing dummies from clothing photos, making them standalone. Clipping Path Experts specializes in this, offering attractive neck joint services for online apparel businesses. They also remove models, making them appear floating in the air. They prioritize quality and offer fast turnaround times, low prices, and secure payment options. With a team of professional editors, they guarantee privacy, offer free trials, and provide unlimited revisions if needed.

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path prioritizes quality ghost mannequin services and offers a range of benefits, such as free trials, fast turnaround, and 24/7 client support. They ensure privacy, provide bulk discounts, and offer unlimited revisions for 100% client satisfaction. They use cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth ordering process with affordable pricing for top-quality photo editing. They focus on meeting clients’ demands and achieving perfection in every project.

Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping offers exceptional product photo editing services, with a particular focus on their ghost mannequin service. Their dedication to quality, efficiency, and affordability has earned them a spot among the top 10 ghost mannequin service providers for 2024. Clients can rely on Zenith Clipping to deliver professional results that meet their specific needs. Their team is all about providing excellent customer service, making sure a seamless experience from start to finish. With Zenith Clipping, businesses can elevate their product images and stand out in the competitive market.


With that, we are at the end of our review of the top 10 ghost mannequin service providers for 2024 in Bangladesh and worldwide. Each service provider we reviewed is the best, not just because they have the experience and expertise but because they have dedicated editors. These ten companies have editors who ensure their clients, such as you, get the best ghost mannequin, image masking and other editing services possible.

So, if you are an online store or eCommerce business and need quality ghost mannequin service, consider any of the ten we just reviewed. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


What is ghost mannequin photography?

It is a technique used to create the illusion that clothing is being worn by an invisible mannequin, resulting in a clean, professional look for e-commerce product images.

How does ghost mannequin editing work?

Ghost mannequin editing involves removing the mannequin from the image and seamlessly blending the different layers to create a natural-looking effect.

What industries benefit from ghost mannequin services?

Industries such as fashion, apparel, and retail benefit greatly from ghost mannequin services, as they rely heavily on visually appealing product images to drive sales.

Are there any limitations to ghost mannequin editing?

While ghost mannequin editing can produce stunning results, certain clothing materials or complex designs may challenge achieving a seamless look.

How can I choose the right ghost mannequin service provider for my business?

Consider editing quality, turnaround time, pricing, and customer support when selecting a ghost mannequin service provider that aligns with your business needs.


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