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Japan Travel: Visa Requirements and Preparation

If you are looking to travel to Japan, then you will need a visa. ITS Holiday can provide you with multiple types of visas that will match your needs. From tourist to student we can consult all your visa needs. We will break down all the requirements you need to meet and the preparation you […]

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Visa Rejections: Common Reasons and How to Appeal

Visas play a crucial role in international travel, allowing individuals to explore new destinations, study abroad, reunite with loved ones, or conduct business in foreign countries. However, visa rejections can be a significant setback, preventing you from realizing your travel or immigration plans. In this article, we will explore the common reasons for visa rejections […]

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Getting a German Student Visa: Your Path to Education Abroad

Are you looking to study medicine and dentistry, law, industrial engineering, automobiles, or engineering? If you are, then consider Germany. Aside from not having to pay any tuition fees in public universities, studying in Germany has many other benefits. However, before you study there, you will need a student visa. Getting a German student visa […]

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