Pasting Cut-Out Photos in iOS 16: Master the Art

In June 2022, we saw the introduction of the Apple iOS 16 with many features. Still, the one thing that got me excited was the new photo cut-out feature. This new feature allows you to isolate key objects from any photo and paste them into another app. In this article, we will look in detail at pasting cut-out photos in iOS 16. 

This article will look at how you can paste cut-out photos in iOS 16, how this feature came to be, and some common issues and how to troubleshoot them. By the end of this article, you will be cutting out photos in your iPhone and pasting and sharing them in a flash.

Pasting Cut-Out Photos in iOS 16: Process

The process of pasting cut-out photos in iOS 16 couldn’t be simpler, just like all other iPhone features, but we will take it nice and slow to avoid any mistakes. So here is how to paste cut-out photos in iOS 16:

  1. Start by visiting the Photos app in your iPhone XS/XS Max/XR or later models. 
  2. Select the image and figure out what you want to isolate.
  3. Tap and hold that person and object for a second or two.
    1. You might need to do this step twice in some tests because we didn’t get the haptic feedback on our first try.
  4. A glowing outline should be going around the object or person you selected for cut-out. Above it, you should see a pop-up.
  5. The pop-up will show the Copy and Share options. Select one.
  6. If you select the Copy option, then it’s straightforward. The chosen object is copied to your clipboard. Exit the Photos app and go to any app similar to Mail or Messenger. Paste the image just like how you copy and paste text.
  7. If you choose Share, then the sharing sheet will appear. Choose the app where you want to share your image, which will activate with the image pasted.

And this is how you paste cut-out photos into iOS 16 iPhones. Next, we will discuss how this new feature came to be. Surprisingly, the feature has already been in the making since iOS 15.

How did this feature come to be?

As mentioned above, this photo cut-out feature came through another beneficial feature of iPhones since iOS 15. That feature was the Virtual Lookup. The virtual lookup of Apple helped you look up information about specific objects such as pets, plants, foods, and landmarks.

But from iOS 16, Apple added another additional feature to virtual lookup where the phone was able to detect those objects and isolate them as well. So, for example, before, you could only look up information about a beautiful-looking dish. Still, now you can cut out that dish and share it on your social media accounts.

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Why Pasting Cut-Out Photos in iOS 16 Not Working?

Even though Apple is well known for creating apps with few issues or bugs, sometimes things happen. So now we will be looking at some of the primary reasons why pasting cut-out photos in iOS 16 isn’t working. Also, we will be sharing how you can fix these issues in a breeze.

Why is it not working?

As we said above, without knowing why you can’t paste cut-out photos in iOS 16, you won’t be able to fix the problem. As such, we will share the most common causes for this in the newer iPhones.

  • Your phone doesn’t work with the photo cutout tool in iOS 17/16.
  • The main reason for not being able to paste cut-out photos in iPhone X.
  • The photo cutout tool can’t handle these types of files.
  • The things in your pictures need to be clearer to cut out.
  • You need to update your device the right way.
  • Something is wrong with your iOS 17/16 system.

While some of our reasons might seem vague, that’s only because there aren’t any apparent cut issues for why you can’t isolate objects in iOS 16/17.

Basic Checks

Did you figure out why you can’t paste cut-out photos in iOS 16? If not, go through these three checks we do to help you. These three checks are the basic of basic checks that many should know and do, but just in case, here they are:

Ensure that your device can use the Photo Cutout feature.

This might seem stupid, but we have heard and seen many people try pasting cut-out photos in iPhones that are too old but asking why it’s not working. Even though you might have updated your iPhone to iOS 16/17, if your device has slower chips, you won’t be able to use this feature. 

According to the iOS 17/16 informational guide, the iPhone needs A12 Bionic or newer chips for this cutting-out and pasting feature. The feature uses more robust AI process algorithms and a complex background. 

Below is the list of iPhones with enough juice to handle the cutting and pasting cut-out feature:

Confirm if the file format works with Photo Cutout.

It might be a file format issue if your device is in the compatible list but can’t copy and paste cut-out photos. The iOS 16/17 features work with a list of file formats for photos and videos, so check the file format. For proprietary apps like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Teams, etc, the photo cut-out tool won’t work. Here are the file formats compatible with iOS 16/17:

  • Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF, DIB, ICO, CUR, TIFF, and XBM
  • Video: M4V, MP4, MOV, and AVI

Make sure the subjects in your photos are clear and recognizable.

Ok, your iPhone is one of the newer models, and your photos have the correct format, but still, you can’t copy and paste your photo cut out. What could be the problem? We believe it has to do with your photo quality. If the quality of the image or the subjects you want to cut out is low, then the AI software won’t be able to cut it out. 

Make sure the photo’s subject is clear and not too small. The best practice would be to keep the subject in the foreground and take up at least a third of the image. 

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Pasting cut-out photos in iOS 16 is an effortless and helpful feature that shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Suppose your iPhone is relatively new with good specs and updated to the latest firmware. In that case, you should easily send your favorite pictures to your friends.

If there are any issues, follow this guide to fix them or contact your local phone repair store.


Is the Cut Out Photos feature available on all iOS devices?

IOS 16’s Cut Out Photos feature is compatible with many Apple devices.

Can I use Cut Out Photos for commercial purposes?

Cut Out Photos provides a versatile tool for both personal and commercial use.

How often does iOS 16 receive updates?

Apple regularly releases updates for iOS 16, ensuring continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Are there third-party apps that complement Cut Out Photos?

Yes, several third-party apps enhance the functionality of Cut Out Photos, offering additional creative features.

Can I revert the changes made with Cut-Out Photos?

Yes, iOS 16 allows users to undo changes made with Cut Out Photos, providing flexibility in editing.


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