Roll Up Your Shirts Like A Travel Expert: Packing Pro

Many people worldwide think that picking which clothes to bring with them when they go traveling is the biggest challenge. Oh boy, are they wrong! Properly packing all your clothes and ensuring they fit in your luggage is just as big of a challenge as everything else.
To solve this issue, we have found the best strategy, at least when it comes to T-shirts. The strategy is to roll them up like logs and tuck them in your carriers. This packing pro tip comes from seasoned travelers with years of experience under their belts.
It’s not just a simple packing tip because it doesn’t just save space. It also has other benefits. The tip also works for all kinds of shirts, so you save time.

Benefits Of Rolling Up Your Shirts

There are benefits to rolling up your quality shirts that you need to know about. These benefits can ultimately make or break your travel experience, so you know they are important. By sharing these benefits with you, we hope to make you more prone to rolling up your shirts when you pack from now on. So here are the benefits you can enjoy:

Save Space In Your Luggage

The more space you save, the more things you can bring when traveling. This is something that anyone can get behind. Instead of buying a bigger and more expensive luggage carrier, roll up your shirts from now on. Also, by saving more space, you can bring other essentials you’re thinking about leaving behind, like your favorite socks, a good book, or that extra pair of sunglasses.

Reduce Wrinkles And Creases

Nobody likes to wear shirts that resemble a crumpled paper ball. Rolling up your shirts is like giving them a smooth, wrinkle-free hug. It’s like magic – your shirts look fresh and ready to impress, with no iron required.

Easy Accessibility

Have you ever played the “hunt the shirt” game in your suitcase? It’s not fun. Rolled shirts are like little soldiers standing in formation, making them easy to spot and grab. No more digging around and messing up your neatly packed suitcase.

Materials Needed

You can’t go on your adventure before you are packed. And before you pack, you need to prep some stuff to make your packing more manageable. Here’s a simple list of what you’ll need to roll up your shirts efficiently:

Suitable Shirts For Rolling

Not all shirts are equal when it comes to rolling. Pick fabrics like cotton or linen for the best results. These materials love a good roll, look fabulous, and are ready to wear at your destination.

Flat Surface For Folding

Think of this as your packing launchpad. Find a clean, flat surface – a bed or table works perfectly. This will be your command center for the shirt-rolling operation. The flatter, the better!

Optional: Tissue Paper Or Garment Bags

If you want extra love and protection for your shirts, consider adding tissue paper or garment bags to your packing arsenal. This optional step adds a layer of defense against any potential creases or wrinkles during your journey.

Step-By-Step Guide On Rolling Up Your Shirts

Roll Up Your Shirts Like A Travel Expert: Packing Pro

So, you’ve got your shirts and a flat surface – now let’s dive into the fun part: rolling them up like a pro. It’s easier than tying your shoelaces, and here’s a simple guide to show you the ropes:

Lay It Flat

Lay your shirt on the flat surface, like you’re giving it a mini nap. Smooth out any wrinkles because, well, we’re avoiding those.

Fold the Side

Take one side of the shirt and fold it towards the center. It’s like giving your shirt a little hug.

Sleeve Action

Fold one sleeve back, creating a straight edge. It’s like giving your shirt a salute – military style.

Roll It Up

Now, here’s the magic part. Start rolling your shirt from the bottom, like you’re creating a snug burrito. Roll it up tight – the tighter, the better.

Secure the Roll

Once your shirt is a neat little roll, secure it. You can use a rubber band or tuck the end of the shirt into the roll. It’s like giving your roll a finishing touch.
And that’s it. Did you think that it would be so easy? Our guide for rolling up shirts comes from seasoned travelers, which is why it’s so simple and easy to do.

Alternative Techniques To Rolling Up Your Shirts

Roll Up Your Shirts Like A Travel Expert

Rolling up your shirts is cool, but what if you feel rebellious or want to mix things up? Fear not, fellow traveler! Here are two alternative techniques that might just become your new packing BFFs:

Bundle Wrapping Method

  • Lay It Out: Spread your clothes flat on the surface, creating a clothing landscape.
  • Layer It Up: Place your shirts on top of each other, creating a clothes sandwich. It’s like building a fashionable tower.
  • Wrap It Around: Wrap the clothes around a central core item, like jeans. It’s like giving your clothes a group hug.
  • Secure the Bundle: Make sure everything is tucked in and secure. It’s like creating a stylish present -your clothes are the gift.

Folding Shirts Using The Military Roll

  • Lay It Down: Lay your shirt flat, just like you’re preparing it for inspection.
  • Fold and Roll: Fold one side of the shirt in, then roll it tightly from one end to the other. It’s like rolling out a top-secret message.
  • Secure the Roll: Once your shirt is snugly rolled, secure it. You can use a rubber band or tuck the end, like sealing an important document.
    There you have it – two alternative techniques for the adventurous packer. Whether bundling up or rolling with military precision, these methods add a dash of creativity to your packing routine.

Packing Tips for Different Types of Shirts


  • Roll for Success: The best choice for packing t-shirts is to roll them up. Rolling them ensures that your t-shirts stay wrinkle-free. This ensures you take care of your clothes and that they last longer.
  • Cube Organization: When it comes to packing them, follow the cube method. This will help to keep them snug and fit.
  • Top-of-the-Pile Placement: You will be wearing more T-shirts than any other shirt when on vacation. So keep them close by packing them at the top of the suitcase.

Dress Shirts

  • Fold with Care: Instead of rolling, fold dress shirts meticulously to minimize creases.
  • Tissue Paper Barrier: Insert tissue paper between shirts to create a protective shield against wrinkles.
  • Garment Bags for Protection: Opt for garment bags to provide VIP treatment and extra protection for your dress shirts.

Long-sleeved Shirts

  • Roll or Fold, Your Call: Choose between rolling or folding long-sleeved shirts depending on the fabric – versatility at its finest.
  • Mind the Sleeves: For rolled shirts, tuck the sleeves inwards to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Strategic Layering: If space is a concern, strategically layer long-sleeved shirts for an organized retrieval system.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Packing shirts can be tricky, and steering clear of common pitfalls is essential for a smooth travel experience. Here are two mistakes to watch out for:

Overpacking Despite Rolling

Resist the Urge
Despite the space-saving wonders of rolling, it’s easy to get carried away. Stop the urge to overpack – stick to the essentials. Remember, quality over quantity makes for a more enjoyable trip.
Check the Essentials
Before zipping up your suitcase, do a quick essentials check. If you question whether you need that extra shirt, chances are you don’t. Keep it light, keep it simple.

Ignoring Fabric Considerations

Not All Fabrics Are Equal: While rolling works wonders for most fabrics, some materials may be less forgiving. Delicate fabrics like silk or satin might appreciate a gentler approach, like folding or alternative packing methods.

Read the Labels: Take a moment to read the care labels on your shirts. They often provide valuable information on the best packing methods to maintain the fabric’s integrity. Ignoring these recommendations could lead to unwanted surprises upon unpacking.

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You can cut your packing time in half by laying your shirts flat on something, folding them, and then rolling them up. We did! Rolling up your shirts is a game changer for those who travel a lot because it saves time and headaches. Since you can wear it on all kinds of shirts.
If, for some reason, you can’t roll them up, follow our two alternatives, which can work just as well. We hope you can now easily travel around thanks to more space for all your essentials.


Do rolling shirts work for all fabrics?

While it works for most fabrics, delicate materials may benefit from folding or alternative methods.

How do I prevent wrinkles when rolling dress shirts?

Use tissue paper or garment bags to add extra protection during rolling.

Can I roll long-sleeved shirts?

Yes, start by folding the sleeves inwards before proceeding with the rolling process.

Is shirt rolling suitable for business trips?

Absolutely! Many business travelers find shirt rolling a convenient and time-saving solution.

What’s the environmental impact of efficient packing?

Efficient packing contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions associated with transportation.


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