Creating a Photo Cut Out in Canva: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Have you ever just taken an amazing picture where you are looking perfect but the background isn’t right? If this happened to you, then learning about creating a photo cut out in Canva can help you out.

By making a photo cut out in Canva, you would be able to remove the background and put a much better one in its place. And that is where this article comes in. Clippingpathfinder has a ton of experience with background removal. So they made a simple and easy guide to creating a photo cut out in Canva for all you editing beginners and photographers.

What is Canva?

You can’t really learn about making photo cutouts in Canva if you don’t know what Canva is in the first place. That’s like learning to make a birthday cake without knowing how to use the oven. You need to know about the program or tool you are using to use it properly.

In four words, Canva is Photoshop v. Simple Online. If we had to explain it Canva is a simpler version of Photoshop and is online. This website is a graphics design platform where users can make different visual content for social media and work. It was founded in 2012. And now it has over 40 million users worldwide.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop features, Canva is a favorite of beginners in the graphics design career. Many of us professionals in Clipping Path Finder got our start in Canva, if you can believe it.

How to Create a Photo Cut Out in Canva

Now that you have a better idea of what Canva is all about, it’s time to start creating a photo cut-out in Canva. We have broken down the process into four simple steps, and we have excluded the process of signing up and creating a Canva Pro profile.

You might be asking, Why Canva Pro and not Canva Free? You need the pro version of Canva to use this photo cut-out feature. We are sorry, but we didn’t deceive you like Canva did. So here is how to create a photo cut out in Canva PRO, for clarification purposes:

Upload Image

Any photo editing work, whether in Canva or Photoshop, starts with you uploading or opening the image you want to edit. In Canva, the process of uploading is dead simple. All you need to do is click “Uploads” on the left-hand side of the Canva dashboard.

Then find where you saved your unedited photo and upload it. Uploading time may vary based on the photo’s size and your internet speed, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Photo Cut Out

Once you have uploaded and selected the photo in Canva, the cutout process can begin. To make it even easier for you, we have listed the steps to creating a photo cut-out in Canva. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the image you want to cut out.
  2. Click the “Effects” button on the top of the Canva dashboard.
  3. Find and click the “Background Remover” tool.

And that’s all there is to it. The image should have its background automatically removed once you click the BG Remover tool. Find Out More Background Removal Applications to get your work more easier.

Make Adjustments

After the photo cut-out process ends, you should have an image with only the subjects and nothing behind it. But sometimes there are some minor issues with the edge. To fix these, you need the “Erase” and “Restore” brushes.

The “Erase” brush erases stuff, and the “Restore” brush restores stuff. I know it is very complicated (said sarcastically). Move the brushes after you adjust their size, and erase or restore parts of the image you need. There is the “Show original image” button that can help you remember what your image looked like originally.

Downloading The Image

Now that you have created a photo cut out in Canva and made all the adjustments, you need to download and share it with others.


Before you download your new image, you need to select its size and format. In Canva, you can save and download your edited images in multiple formats, with the most common being PNG and JPG.

PNG is for higher-quality images with clear backgrounds, like your cutouts, and JPG is for smaller-sized images with a background. Click Download and choose your format.


With the format chosen, you need to choose how you want to download your photo cut-out. There are four options: All Page, Current Page, Custom, and PDF Standard. All Page, Current Page, and Custom are all the same, with the difference being which page of your Canva file you will download.

With the “PDF Standard” download option, your images will be automatically converted into a PDF file.

Common Issues With Creating A Photo Cut Out In Canva

You should be able to figure out just how easy creating a photo cut out in Canva is, but there is always a chance to face some problems. So now we will be talking about two of the most common complaints we hear about removing background in Canva.

Incomplete Removal

Seeing parts of your background in your cut-out photo is quite common in images with a lot of complexity. By complexity, we mean there was a lot of stuff going on in the background. So if you see some of those backgrounds after you cut them out, it doesn’t mean you did something wrong.

The answer to incomplete removal is to use the “Erase” tool carefully after you increase its sensitivity. Zoom into the image if you have to, and focus on parts that show those unwanted background images.

Image Quality Issues

The other most common problem people tell us is that their image quality decreased a lot after they edited them. This can and will happen with photos cut out in Canva if you select a lower-quality image to edit.

We recommend you cut out images that are at least 800 pixels wide and resize them when creating a photo cut-out.

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Creating a photo cut out in Canva and having it look amazing when you make a composite isn’t that hard. It’s one of the first things a beginner graphic designer needs to learn. And we hope our guide helped us do just that.

Make sure you pick a high-quality image and have a Pro Canva account, and you should be golden. This process is super easy on Canva, so don’t worry, and start making stunning composites to wow your friends and family.

For more information on photo cutouts read our guide on how to cut out a shape in Photoshop.


Can I use Canva for free?

Canva does have a free version, which is the default version you get when you make an account. However, if you wish to make photo cutouts, then you will need the premium version, which comes with a lot of features and tools.

Can I upload my images for cutouts in Canva?

Canva is a platform for photo editing and transformation, so of course you can upload your images to cut them out. Just go to the Upload feature in the Canva dashboard and upload your images.

What devices can I use for Canva editing?

Canva used to be only on desktops and laptops, but they have since come out with a mobile app so you can edit your photos right after you take them. Both options are similar with minor changes, so use whichever one you are comfortable with.

How can I join the Canva creative community?

Joining the Canva creative community is as easy as pie. Just make an account and go to the community feature. You can check out and work with other designers all over the world. Take inspiration and give it to others at the same time.


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