How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?

With all the options available regarding sunglasses, it is no wonder everyone has trouble finding the best one for themselves. But with our guide on how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape, you should be free of this hassle.
Once you know your face shape, you can compare it with the common ones worldwide. The one that closely matches yours is the right choice. Read our tips on how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape to make your life easier.
No one said choosing the right sunglasses should be rocket science, and our guide ensures it isn’t.

How Do You Figure Out Your Face Shape for Sunglasses?

Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The first step to answering how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape is to figure out your face shape. Here is a guide on how you can do so:

Observe Your Forehead, Cheekbones, and Jaw

Take a good look in the mirror and pay attention to the width of your forehead, distinct cheekbones, and jawline shape. These are critical factors in identifying your face shape.

Use a Piece of Soap or Lipstick

Follow the outline of your face on a mirror using a piece of lipstick or soap. Step back and look at the shape you’ve drawn. This visual aid can help you confirm and visualize your face shape.

Compare to Reference Images

Look at reference images online or in magazines that depict different face shapes. Compare your traced outline to these examples to confirm your face shape. This step adds an extra layer of certainty.

Ask for Opinions

Get a second opinion from friends or family. Sometimes, others might notice features or proportions that you didn’t see. Their input can be valuable in confirming your face shape.

Take Note of Measurements

Check the width of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length. Having these measurements on hand can be helpful when shopping for sunglasses, ensuring a proper fit.

If you are having too much trouble visiting the premier eyewear shop near you for assistance.

Types of Face Shapes

Now that you know your face shape, we can move on to learning how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape. In this step, we will be looking at the most common face shape in the world.
Since not everyone will have similar shapes, you need to go with the one that closely matches yours. Here are the most common ones in the world, and we included our recommendations for sunglasses with each one.

Round Face

Soft angles and similar width and length characterize a round face. Opt for sunglasses with angular frames or geometric shapes to enhance this face shape. Rectangular or square frames can add definition and create the illusion of a more elongated face.

Square Face

Consider sunglasses that soften those sharp angles if you have a square face with a strong jawline and equal width and length. Round or oval frames work well, providing a balanced look. Cat-eye styles can also complement the features of a square face.

Oval Face

Oval faces are versatile, featuring balanced proportions and a slightly curved jawline. Almost any style of sunglasses suits this face shape. Experiment with aviators, wayfarers, or cat-eye frames to find the look that best expresses your style.

Heart-Shaped Face

Most heart-shaped faces have a broader forehead and a narrower chin. To balance this face shape, choose sunglasses with wider bottoms. Aviators and cat-eye styles are excellent choices, providing a stylish and harmonious appearance.

Diamond Face

Diamond faces have a narrow forehead and jaw, with wider cheekbones. Emphasize the eyes and balance the cheekbones with frames that complement this unique shape. Oval or rimless styles can enhance the natural elegance of a diamond face.

Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

We are now at the end of how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape. All we have left to share are some tips on choosing the best sunglasses.

Identify Your Face Shape

Before shopping, determine your face shape—round, square, oval, heart-shaped, or diamond. Knowing your face shape is the first step to finding sunglasses that complement your features.

Understand Your Features

Pay attention to your facial features, such as jawline, forehead, and cheekbones. Sunglasses should accentuate your best features while balancing out any prominent areas. For example, choose frames that add definition if you have a round face.

Experiment with Styles

Don’t be scared to try on different styles. Visit a store and experiment with various frames to see what suits you best. Styles that work for one face shape may not work for another, so explore until you find the perfect match.

Consider Comfort and Fit

Ensure your sunglasses fit comfortably on your face. Check for proper coverage without being too tight or too loose. The right fit enhances your look and ensures you’ll wear them comfortably for extended periods.

Reflect Your Personality

While face shape is essential, don’t forget to let your personal style shine. Choose sunglasses that complement your face and align with your fashion preferences. The best sunglasses make you feel confident and express your individuality.

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And now we finished discussing how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape. While this might not seem all that important, it is. The better your sunglasses fit your face, the more benefits you can enjoy while wearing them.
Once you know your face shape, you can compare it with the most common ones worldwide. After you do so, you can visit eyewear stores to find the ones that fit your face comfortably.


Can I wear any sunglasses style regardless of my face shape?

While some styles may suit various face shapes, choosing sunglasses that complement your specific features is advisable for the best overall look.

Are expensive sunglasses always better in terms of quality?

Not necessarily. Quality sunglasses can be found at various price points. It’s essential to consider factors like UV protection, durability, and style rather than just the brand name.

Do frame colors make a difference in how sunglasses look on me?

Yes, frame colors can significantly impact your appearance. Choosing colors complementing your skin tone and style can enhance the overall effect.

How often should I clean my sunglasses?

Regular cleaning is vital to maintain the clarity of your lenses. Clean the sunglasses with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner as needed, and avoid using harsh materials that may scratch the lenses.

Can I wear the same sunglasses for all occasions?

While some versatile styles may suit various occasions, consider having different pairs for specific activities—for instance, sporty sunglasses are for outdoor activities, and stylish ones are for casual outings.


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